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Caring for our beaches and coastline

Coast Care, Bay of Plenty Regional Council, is a community partnership programme, which uses local knowledge and enthusiasm to restore the form and function of the dunes in the Bay of Plenty. Ph: 0800 884 880 or 0800 368 267 or

The dunes are the backbone of our beaches, the buffer between the land and the sea. A properly functioning beach system will contain a wide, well vegetated and gently sloping dune, which is a reservoir of sand. During a storm the dune is a sacrificial zone, buffering the effects of large waves.

  • It is vital to keep both foot and vehicular traffic off the sand dunes.
  • There are numerous marked access ways, most with sand ladders, along Pukehina Parade, to provide safe routes to both the beach and the estuary.
  • Please use these to protect the sand dunes from damage.
  • Coast Care know that native dune plants play a vital role, binding light blowing sand onto the beach, and making stable sand dunes. Withoutthese plants, the sand blows away and dunes disappear leaving the land vulnerable. Grazing by stock, excavation for development, introduction of exotic plant species and trampling by pedestrian have significantly reduced the abundance of these specialised native dune plants. Many dunes are fenced for protection.
  • The Coast Care Coordinator and Coast Care contractors offer advice on reducing and repairing dune damage, help facilitate activities, and supply the volunteers with free resources.
  • The resources include native dune plants, informative brochures, fertilisers and building materials for constructing fences and sand ladders and great morning and afternoon teas on project days!
  • The Western Bay of Plenty District Council is responsible for the maintenance of the existing sand ladders.

No plants – no dunes

No dunes – no beach

No beach – no fun!