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The Pukehina Ratepayers’ and Residents’ Association have initiated and developed this website to provide information for ratepayers, residents,and visitors.We are grateful to our sponsors who support us by advertising on this website.Thank you for your participation and we hope you enjoy navigating through the pages!

Ratepayers’ and Residents’ Association membership

Why join?

  • Our association needs to represent the visions, opinions, concerns and wishes of as many of the ratepayers and residents as possible.
  • It is a chance to have your say!
  • If we know your thoughts, we are better informed, so our actions will be targeted to achieve beneficial outcomes.
  • Every ratepayer and resident in the area has the opportunity to become a member of this progressive ratepayers’ and residents’ association.
  • We are reliant on the membership funds to achieve the desired objectives for the ratepayers. The annual cost is only $30.00 per property. It’s easy to join!
  • Financial membership allows you access to the members’ page.
  • This provides each member with PRRA monthly minutes, submissions, current activities, a ‘wish list’ for suggestions, voting rights and opportunities to participate in association business representing all ratepayers’ and residents’ best interests.

We urge you to please support our efforts to ensure Pukehina Beach continues to have the best representation to achieve ratepayers’ and residents objectives.

To join, please complete the membership application form either on line and send electronically, or by printing and posting.

Annual subscription is $30.00 per annum and will be invoiced each year. Renewal notices for following year will be sent out eary December and are due by 24th December each year. When making payment please use the registered name of the property – ie. Janes Family Trust not Ian Janes to ensure ease of traceability. You will only need to do this once!

Our bank details: Account name: Pukehina Ratepayers’ Association. Westpac, Te Puke bank account number: 03 0474 0429781 00

Click here to display a printable application form (PDF file).

Application Form

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