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PRRA Meetings

Monthly Minutes

All members of the community are welcome to attend PRRA committee meetings held on the second Monday of each month at 7pm, Pukehina Fishing Club. The first 15 minutes are set aside for public input. 

The PRRA welcomes any suggestion from ratepayers and residents to enhance, protect and preserve our unique environment.  Following receipt of ideas and / or requests, the committee will place these items on their agenda for monthly meetings and feedback will be given.

You are welcome to attend any hui, please just email us and let us know.  If you would like to make a formal presentation to the committee, please contact us at least 2 days prior to the scheduled monthly meeting to ensure that you are included in the agenda. 


AGM 2024

Date: Saturday 23rd March 
Time: 2:00 pm
Place: The Pukehina Fishing Club
304 Pukehina Parade, Pukehina

Our AGM's historically were held in January each year during holiday time.  This was to engage with the many homeowners who had baches out here in Pukehina.

Over the past years, due to Covid and the Pukehina Hall restoration  we have held the AGM by Zoom (March 2022) and have used the Pongakawa Hall (2021 and 2023). This year (2024) we we be holding the AGM at the Pukehina Fishing Club.
AGM Date: Saturday 23rd March 2024, at 2pm.

We welcome all of our community to our AGM's and would encourage people to engage with the Committee prior to these to share comments, highlights, concerns.

Please see below for the mixtures and Committee Presentation at our latest AGM, held March 25th 2023.

Project suggestions/concerns/requests to the Committee

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