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ATV Usage

We have had a bike monitoring system at Pukehina for over 15 years to provide reassurance to our local Councils that we were being responsible and safe.  
In order to continue to be able to enjoy access for quads and ATVs on the beach, you need to register your vehicle and display the number allocated to you. This is a free service for quad bikes and ATVs.

NB: This information relates to the use of vehicles on Pukehina Beach only.  
By law Quad / ATV and Motorcycles are not allowed to be used on New Zealand Roads without New Zealand Government registration and a driving license.

Pukehina Beach ATV Obligations

We’re lucky to be able to drive on the beach and lots of us love fishing and the opportunities this provides so let’s continue to make it work! 

Please register your ATV, display your number and be familiar with these rules:

  • Use only designated beach access ways (these are marked with signs)
  • Restrict beach driving within housing area to max 15kph
  • No riding within one meter of high tide mark or sand dune planting area
  • No passengers unless vehicle is equipped for it
  • Licensed drivers only along the road
  • Please also be aware of the dotterel bird colony at the end of Pukehina Spit. Stick to the water line and do not drive your bike round the spit and over the pipi and cockle beds in the estuary.
  • There is no bike access on the estuary side as this area is a breeding ground for endangered birds.
  • Please get in touch to register your quad bike/ATV

    NOTE: Motor Bikes (2 wheelers) are not allowed on Pukehina Beach/Estuary.

    Bike Registration Form

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    Thanks for registering your ATV. Stu Brickland will be in touch with your number and a copy of the bike guidelines. If you have any other queries please reach out at

    The specific government regulations can be found here:

    Pukehina Beach comes under the control of the Bay of Plenty Regional Council whose rules can be found here: