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Local services and contacts

Power supply

Phone 0800 878 787 for any problems.

Internet Options at Pukehina Beach

TUANZ exists to help you be connected, keep you informed and to represent you – the user. We don’t represent an industry, we represent the users of digital and connectivity services.

There’s a number of sites that you can use to see what speed you are experiencing. Remember though, they measure from your device through to their servers so can be very dependant on things like the quality of your wifi router, the access network and also the network of your retail provider. BUT if you think the speed you are getting is slower than you think it should be, your first port of call is ALWAYS to log a fault with your service provider and get them to check.

The Broadband Compare website was recently launched and gives you a list of plans available from providers using your address. Their aim is to show you the best plan available to you.
Glimp is a second independent site, launched earlier in 2016 that also uses your address to show what plans are available that suit you based on various criteria.
• If you want to compare providers on some of the more technical issues then click over to this site ( hosted by our friends over at InternetNZ shines light on whether ISPs are doing the things such as using IPV6, how often they give your information.

Local Councils or 07-571 8008.  WBOPDC are responsible for Civil Defence, beach access ways, storm water, parks and reserves, rubbish, roading, dog ranger.  

If you spot a problem in our community with any of the above call Western Bay of Plenty District Council on (07) 571 8008 and submit a “Service Request”. Alternately you can submit via their website or the Antenno App.

BOPRC are responsible for Environment (air, land, freshwater, geothermal, coastal resources and biodiversity), Coast Care, Water quality –lakes, rivers and estuaries, Pest plants and animals, Maritime regulation (boating safety and harbour rules).

They have a Pollution Hotline – call on 0800 884 883 for any problems. You are also able to submit your service request to BOPRC via the App ‘Antenno’.

Refuse collection

Kerbside Recyling and Waste Collection:
We have a new system from WBOPDC for our rubbish and recyling collection.  Collection day is now on a Friday and there are four bins in operation:

  1. Red lidded waste bin – collected each week. NB: You have to purchase a tag for this bin and attach it on collection day. It’s a pay system encouraing people to recycle more.  Tags are available from The Pukehina Store or local supermarkets.
  2. Green food scraps bin – collected each week.
  3. Yellow lidded recycling bin – collected every second week 
  4. Blue glass recycling bin – collected every second week (alternative weeks to number 3)

Visit to find out what bins go out on what weeks, and see what you can and cant pop into each bin!

Greenwaste Collection and Recycling Centre:

There is a greenwaste and recycling station at 36 Station Road, Te Puke  open every Tuesday and Thursdays 9:0am to 3:30pm, Saturday 9:00am to 4:00pm.   

The cost of Green waste is as follows: Car and Station Wagon $7:00, Small Trailer and Utility $24:00, Tandem Trailer $46:00. The stem diameter must be no thicker than 100mm and length no longer than 3m. Green waste not accepted is: Flax, Pampas, Bamboo, Gorse or Palm.

Transfer Station: there is a transfer station in Truman Lane, Te Maunga, Mt Maunganui for any waste.

Neighbourhood support

Neighbourhood Support is a not-for-profit, community based crime prevention program, aiming to make our homes, streets, neighbourhoods and communities a safer and more caring place to live. Neighbourhood Support is the process of being revitalised  in Pukehina Beach. Kate Blakeborough is the new Coordinator and is looking for volunteers to help make Pukehina one of the safest places to live. A Neighbourhood Support Group will:

  • Help foster a sense of community spirit, where everyone is respected and valued
  • share information that will help reduce the risk and fear of crime
  • reduce the incidence and effects of criminal offending
  •  build community resilience
  • strengthen community networks to improve the quality of life
  • liaise and co-operate with other community groups.

Attentive neighbours along with the visible deterrents of street signs and window / letterbox stickers, sends a strong signal to prospective burglars that there is a higher chance of being caught.

Being part of Neighbourhood Support means you have access to many resources to help you make informed decisions around safety and security.

If you don’t know your neighbour, start today and say g’day.

  • Report ALL incidents or suspicious activities ASAP
  • Dial 111 for all emergencies
  • Dial 105 for non-emergencies
  • Dial *555 to report traffic incidents via mobile phone
  • Rameka Poihipi is our Community Constable based at Te Puke Police station 07 5730500.

Kate Blakeborough is the new Pukehina Area Coordinator. To find out more about becoming a Sector Co-ordinator, or just to sign up as a member, please email me.

(I particularly want to hear from anyone who is a current Sector Co-ordinator, so that we can reconnect and help you to rejuvenate your group)

Bruce Banks — Manager — Western Bay of Plenty Neighbourhood Support. Email:

Radio Stations