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Latest Community Updates

Nov Update for Coastal dune damage (caused by Cyclone Gabrielle, Hale and Lola 2023)

May 2024 Update:
Latest newsletter out now on our Coast Care page.  We have plants for the push up area arranged and Chris from Coast Care is encouraging people to reach out re spraying for weeds ahead of planting. 
If you live in other parts of the beach and are keen on plants please get in touch with Chris and he will come out for a site visit and kōrero! Consider planting right back into your property to create a more resilient dune and get spinifex runners established well back from the toe of the dunes to be more prepared for times of storm and erosion.  

November 2023 Update:
Cyclone Lola hit the beach late October and caused damage in the area of the beach that was most affected from the first two cyclones this year.  Other parts of the beach withstood damage and plants are looking great with lots of sand build up!  We have had the beach assessed by our coastal expert Jim Dham and we will commence the last push up works for the year starting from the 4th Dec-20th. 
Please take care around the machines operating on the beach and follow the instructions of our contractors Readfieilds, and our onsite Health and Safety people.  Please visit the Coast Care page for more details on areas to be completed.  We will be holding a community hui mid next year to discuss our Coastal Strategy.  Ka nui te mihi. 

June 2023 Update: 
Good news - we can now commence with some further dune restoration work
. Please see the update here on Coast Care page with information about the scope of mahi to be completed at this time.  Please note that only push up work will be happening this year as there is a lack of plants to complete reshaping work.  We would like to hold a community meeting about the Coast Care and Dune Restoration strategy for Pukehina. We'd love to share success stories of reshape and planting work, learn more from Jim Dahm and Chris Pronk about coastal erosion and approaches to help build resilient dune systems, and gather your thoughts and options moving forward.  We will confirm this date shortly - looking to be November. 

May Update: 
Following the emergency pushup completed in early March we have been waiting for a window to complete the second stage of this mahi.  Unfortunately the high tide beach and prior commitments from our contractors have meant this has not be able to happen yet.  We acknowledge this is frustrating for some people but we are working with nature and the weather patterns have not been favourable this year.  We have pleased to let the community know we have secured our contractors for the the month of May so are waiting on beach conditions to improve.  (Also a reminder that the worst affected areas with property at risk has had one lot of works done).   If you would like to help out in this space please get in touch - will definitely need monitors on the push up days.  Ka nui te mihi.

Cyclone Gabrielle 14th Feb 2023 Update: Cyclone Gabrielle has been a devastating event for our country and our aroha flows for those people affected in Northland, Auckland, Hawkes' Bay and Gisborne. We unfortunately experienced some additional damage along our coastline - the worst in some areas in over a century.  We are working with our coastal expert to do an emergency push up in the worst affected areas of the beach, and will be completing push up and re-shape work in other areas of the beach once it has recovered more.  View the actions were are taking here: Feb 2023

Keep updated through our Coast Care page where you can also report new erosion damage, or pop your name down for dune plants for this coming planting season (using the form at the bottom of the Coast Care page).  NB: there is a plant shortage this year so we are doing our best to arrange more.

Ngā mihi, take care at this time, and please remember that we are a volunteer committee doing our very best to arrange this work.  Please reach out and offer to assist, we would welcome more hands.Nov 

Ororoa Reserve works complete!

After four years of mahi we began work on the 5th April, on the restoration of Ororoa Reserve as part of the Cycleway/Walkway project and have completed this!   We worked with Pukehina Surf Club and Ngāti Whakahemo to utilise the sand from the surf club site works, and place this along Ororoa Reserve to reinstate the eroded foreshore.  We removed over 18m2 (six big truck loads) of concrete waste that has been dumped over many years, trimmed the trees, removed waste and rubbish, relocated the park picnic tables and created an area that is more accessible, safe and enjoyable for the community.  All good news we think!  Check out full project update here.

Cyclone Hale 10th Jan 2023

The beach has been hit quite hard in certain places as Cyclone Hale brought over 9m waves to the coastline on Tuesday night 10th Jan.  We are compiling a report for our coastal expert so if you have damage in front of your property, or a local spot on the beach, could you please email this through to us with beach number attached.  If your property had a push up or reshape work done in 2022 that has held its ground, could you also please send us photos.

We expect to arrange a push up in the worst affected areas mid to late February depending on beach recovery so we will keep the community updated.  

For more information on how we have supported our community when significant erosion occurs please visit our 2022 update here or see the Coast Care page under 'Community' tab.  Ngā mihi and take care.  

Update on 2022 - reflection on the year 

Download our latest update here which is a reflection on projects and progress made by the Association Committee.  Overall we had some good wins (progress made with Midway Park redevelopment, Coast Care push up process, background mahi on the Community Centre/Hall) and we look forward to seeing everyone at the AGM on 23rd March. We thank everyone in the community for their support :) 

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