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Pukehina Cycleway/Walkway

A beautiful journey around the estuary

What’s coming up?

  • Complete Ororoa Reserve mahi

  • Obtain quotes for the different sections of the route: boardwalk, bridge, pathway along stop bank, signage - happening now

  • Complete funding applications - please sing out if you have skills in this area and would like to contribute.

  • Work with the Te Ara Kahikatea ropū and Ngāti Whakahemo to look at a bridge across Pongakawa river to enable connection to Arawa and Wharere Road.

  • Name the new route

  • Launch with the community :) 

For more information please see the presentation above, and if you have some time you could spare to help progress this project, please sing out to Leanne Armstrong or Esther Kirk and join the team!Complete

The Pukehina Ratepayers and Residents Association hold a resource consent to develop a cycleway/walkway from the Pukehina Surf Club to Cutwater Road.

It's an exciting project that's been a long time in the wings but things have been progressing!  

Actions and progress:

  • We attend the Central BOP & Te Puke District Cycleway Walkway strategy meetings to keep updated with regional plans and funding ideas.  This connection has meant that now in 2023, kōrero is moving towards linking our cycleway with Arawa Road developments, and eventually the Te Puke and Papamoa cycleways!

  • We built a set of stairs in Dec 2021 with a bike gutter so the stop bank pathway is more accessible.  Thanks to our local legends, Dennis and Kevin!  

  • With support from BOPRC, MOWS and Neil Carter the gorse and pampus along the stop bank has been cleared so we now have a mowed strip cleared of weeds that is accessible by foot.

  • We got a one-off grant from BOPRC and were able to contact Kim and the surf club to help remove some initial concrete rubble from out in the water in front of Oruroa Reserve and boat ramp area.

  • With support from BOPRC we commissioned a coastal report in 2021 to investigate options for erosion mitigation in sections 1 and 2 of the walkway/cycleway.  

  • Erected walkway markers and signage to identify the walkway/cycleway route (first half completed 16th March 2023)

  • Working with Ngāti Whakahemo, WBOPDC, DOC and BOPRC we developed a working plan for the Oruroa Reserve foreshore area.   This included the removal of concrete rubble from close to the banks (over 6 tonnes), sand re-nourishment (using sand from the Surf Club building works/excavation), removal of a lot of rubbish dumped and buried over the years, relocation of picnic tables, topsoil and grassing.  The aim was to create an area that is more accessible for whānau and community for fishing, swimming, picnics and pulling up a boat! An area that looks cared for and loved, and helps to mitigate future erosion.  This of course will also be the first section of the walkway too :)  See photos below!